Executive Body

Mrs Hetal N. Thakor:

Mrs Hetal Thakor is the chairman of the board at IDAM SARVAM FOUNDATION.She leads
the IDAM SARVAM Group and its projects.She is the woman behind the vision and mission
of this foundation who started this journey with a small group of female volunteers,and as it
is said that “Standing for the right cause doesn’t comes naturally,You have to take a stand
and fight for right”,She did took a stand to support the cause in the crucial and the critical
period of COVID 19 and eventually gained volunteers to support the good cause.She has
been an inspiration to each individual connected to the foundation

Mrs Hetal B. Thakor

Mrs Hetal B. Thakor is the working and supportive hand behind our chairman of the board.
She immensely supported Mrs Hetal in the critical times of COVID 19,in reaching out to
marginalized communities and those children who needed help.IDAM SARVAM is very
grateful for her support in gaining volunteers and helping Mrs Hetal in every challenge they
came acros