Area Of Impact

Child Education

“Slavery is one of the worst forms of violence – as is the denial of education. Education is key to liberating children from slavery.”
– Kailash Satyarthi.

According to a census survey of 2011,78 lakh indian children are forced to work and
earn a livelihood even as they attend schools,while almost 8.4 Cr indian children
don’t have the opportunity to educate themselves due to their family’s social and
economic condition.
The world currently is suffering a Global pandemic ,COVID 19 which according to a
report by The World Health Organisation is going to hunt us for a long time now.
The virus however has been very indiscriminate ,it has affected individuals
irrespective of their social and economical background,the rags , the riches,old and
young .
The Covid-19 Virus has brought devastating changes in every individual’s life and
has brought the lives of many at halt.
The most affected are children of poor communities in terms of healthcare and
education,while the pandemic brought severe reforms in education systems they are
of no good to the children of poor communities.As the government introduced online
education, the availability of education to poor children decreased even more than

Healthcare Facilities

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.” ~
Thomas Carlyle

In India,Over thousands of families are pushed into poverty due to their expenditure
on public healthcare services and medical systems however even after paying for
the services they don’t get proper treatment as the public health care hospitals are
overcrowded and many of them don’t have access to the facilities due to lack of
The health care sector in India is plagued with poor infrastructure, long waiting period, high
diagnostic costs and extensive travel for treatment. While 68.84% of the Indian population
resides in rural areas, only 3% of medical professionals are available in these areas.
Residents of rural areas fall victim to unauthorized and unqualified medical practitioners who
extract large sums of money for ineffective treatment. Travelling to private hospitals located
in urban areas can be both tedious and extremely expensive. In urban areas, quality
treatment provided by private practitioners is unaffordable for underprivileged people. Lack
of proper medical care makes the underprivileged communities vulnerable to various
diseases, affecting their quality of life, as well as their very limited income.
There are thousands of people left untreated in urban slums,nearby community shelters.